Thursday, September 24, 2020

Differences of Amish-Made Furniture

Although many people obviously think of the main difference between Amish-made furniture and more contemporary being the style and design of the piece, there are actually multiple differences, other than appearance, that can set Amish-made furniture above modern designs. 

High-Quality Wood

This is the cornerstone of any beautiful Amish furniture piece. Amish producers ensure that only the best materials are used to create their pieces, including using no wood substitutes. This helps increase the durability of the furniture and, of course, the overall quality of it as well! 

Durable Joints 

The solid wood is a good base for Amish-made furniture, but the parts that hold the piece together are equally as important. Many Amish projects are free of nails, screws and staples, instead using wood glue and techniques that go back centuries to join the wood. This ensures that parts, like weak screws, don't compromise the integrity of the furniture, instead creating a piece that is durable and last much longer than contemporary furniture.

Family Secrets

Many Amish families have been making furniture for generations and perfecting the very techniques that make it a high-quality and durable for many years. Along with buying a great piece of furniture, you are, in a way, purchasing a historical piece! 

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