Friday, June 18, 2021

The Hottest Summer Outdoor Furniture Trends


This Summer, everyone is going to be spending more time outside after being stuck inside for so long! This means more backyard barbecues, parties and get-togethers, reunions, and more! However, is your outdoor living area ready to host? Maysville Furniture Showcase is here with the hottest trends to upgrade your backyard!

Colorful Outdoor Table Sets

One trend that you might want to hop on this Summer is adding some color to your backyard! If you

notice your outdoor living area is a little dull why not try to incorporate some red or blue tones? If you’re

thinking of adding a red tone, perfect if you have darker tones like black already, take a look at the

Williamson Set. This set incorporates Amish crafted dark timber wood with deep red cushions and

finishes. If you are looking for something brighter, try the white timber and blue accented Galvaston.

This set is perfect for homes that have white exteriors or even a pool as the blue will really POP with

the complimenting water!

Colorful Footrests

One aspect of backyard furniture that often gets overlooked are footrests! This may sound simple, but

think of how many times you’ve been lounging and wanted to kick your feet back and tan but don’t

have something comfortable for your feet! Williamson footrest accessories are perfect to add some

extra comfort and style!

Colorful Rockers

Ahh rockers, the pinnacle of relaxing outdoor furniture. If your seating is broken down or just

uncomfortable, check out the colorful Amish rockers from Maysville. These rockers coming in a variety

of colors including blue and green can accent other furniture perfectly or act as an accent piece!