Thursday, December 3, 2020

Building a Perfect Home Office

    When working from home having an office is extremely important. Right now, there are more positions that rely on having a home office in order to work from home. The work space needs to help you be productive and the best way is to be organized. By using furniture from Maysville Furniture Showcase, you can build your perfect home office.

    One of the most important factures in an office space is the chair. This piece of furniture will need to be sturdy, but also be comfortable since you spend so much time on it. Depending on your desires, you may want a chair that has the ability to roll or one that stays firmly on the ground. The chair should also be an appropriate height in comparison to the desk. This can leave you with more leg room and added comfort. Maysville Furniture Showcase has a large variety of chair options and will help find the one that is right for your office.

    The next important piece of furniture is the desk. Desks provide space for you to work, but some offices require less space. Desks also come in many shapes, sizes, and complexity. Some people will prefer a minimal look with open space while others may want a larger desk with shelves and doors for storage. There are plenty of options and variations in desks, from color to size, so make sure that it is the perfect desk for your space.

    Another aspect is the need for other pieces of furniture within the room. If you have a larger desk with storage space, you may not need a bookcase. But if you need a place to store papers or items, it may be better to have a filing cabinet. If space is not tight within your space, you could have a smaller desk with a bookcase and a cabinet to fit all storage. 

    The most important facture in building your perfect home office space is the furniture you place in the area and the quality of the furniture. With the large selection and the high quality of products the decision of where you find your furniture should be easy. Maysville Furniture Showcase can help you build your perfect home office. 

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Thursday, October 22, 2020

Designing your Amish Furnished Home

 There are many things to consider when designing any room of your home. Once you have decided to go with Amish-made furniture in your house, however, there are still extra things to consider, such as the fact that even within the Amish community, there are multiple styles to choose from. No matter your preferences, you're sure to find a style for you! 

Choosing a Style of Amish Furniture

There a few major design styles present within Amish furniture for you to choose from that will be sure to give your home the exact look you desire. The Traditional Amish style is very simple and often will be designed using natural wood tones and simple, straight lines. Shaker Style also is noted for its simplicity but features many horizontal or vertical slates and spindles in the pieces. Craftsman style is usually a heavier design seen in larger furniture and features square shapes built into the design. Old World designs are usually very ornate as they feature delicate designs and sophisticated swirling patterns. 

Decorating with Amish Furniture

Although these pieces are always well-made and bound to look marvelous no matter where you put them throughout your home, there are still some things you can take into account to upgrade your home that much more! Either sticking to a single wood tone or finding tones that complement each other well will help whatever room you are designing stick out in a good way. Keeping extra decorations to a minimum can also really make the focus of your home on the simple quality of your furniture. If you want to take a major step, if your budget allows it, hardwood floors can also create a beautiful look and feel to any room with Amish furniture. 

There are many things to consider when designing your home with Amish-made furniture. If you are in need of a solid place to buy beautiful, quality furniture, visit Maysville Furniture Showcase's website here!    

Thursday, September 24, 2020

Differences of Amish-Made Furniture

Although many people obviously think of the main difference between Amish-made furniture and more contemporary being the style and design of the piece, there are actually multiple differences, other than appearance, that can set Amish-made furniture above modern designs. 

High-Quality Wood

This is the cornerstone of any beautiful Amish furniture piece. Amish producers ensure that only the best materials are used to create their pieces, including using no wood substitutes. This helps increase the durability of the furniture and, of course, the overall quality of it as well! 

Durable Joints 

The solid wood is a good base for Amish-made furniture, but the parts that hold the piece together are equally as important. Many Amish projects are free of nails, screws and staples, instead using wood glue and techniques that go back centuries to join the wood. This ensures that parts, like weak screws, don't compromise the integrity of the furniture, instead creating a piece that is durable and last much longer than contemporary furniture.

Family Secrets

Many Amish families have been making furniture for generations and perfecting the very techniques that make it a high-quality and durable for many years. Along with buying a great piece of furniture, you are, in a way, purchasing a historical piece! 

If you're considering buying a piece of Amish-made furniture we've got you covered at Maysville Furniture Showcase! Check out our whole selection here

Thursday, August 27, 2020

Creating the Perfect Nursery

When you are expecting a newborn there are many things to consider such as strollers, car seats and, of course, creating the nursery. With so many options, it is hard to decide what furniture to buy to create the ideal space for your baby. Here we will go over the essential items that are an absolute must-buy for any nursery

1. Crib: This is probably obvious, but your baby will need a comfortable enclosed space to sleep at in their new nursery space. A high-quality crib is essential to ensure that your baby can sleep peacefully, but also to make sure that the crib is stable and safe.   

2. Nursing Chair: As much as you may not want it to happen, your new baby will wake you up in the middle of the night to be feed. That's why it is important to have a chair that is comfortable for you to sit and feed the baby in for extended periods of time and in the early morning. A rocker would be an especially good fit for this room as after they are feed, the baby can then be rocked back to sleep before being put into the crib for the next few hours of sleep. 

3. Drawers/Dressers: Drawers, dressers and changing tables are all important to a nursery as well because you will have a lot of new clothes, socks, diapers, etc. that you have never had to store before now in your home. This means you will need to create a lot more space to keep everything put away, while also keeping the baby items close to your baby during changing time. 

If you have something specific in mind for your furniture, check if Maysville Furniture Showcase has what you want in our large selection of Amish style furniture by visiting our website here!     

Thursday, July 30, 2020

Designing your Living Room

There are many different things to consider when you start to design and choose furniture for your living room, likely one of the busiest rooms in your whole home. Along with the couches and chairs, an important part of the design are the accessories, like end tables and bookshelves. Coffee Tables can also be an important piece of your living room, you can read more about selecting the right coffee table by clicking here!

End Tables can be a great addition to any living room. You should consider the style of your living room, whether traditional or contemporary, to guide your decision for choosing your end table. You also need to know the height of your couch and chairs in the living room so that your end table is not too high or too short. End Tables are also really great for storage of small items that you may need around your living space while also providing an area to place extra lighting for the room.
Maysville Furniture Bookshelves

Bookshelves can also be a beautiful accessory to a living room, especially if you have a lot of knick-knacks, travel souvenirs or, obviously, books. They can also be another place for adding extra lighting to your space. Using accessories like Bookshelves or End Tables can be a great way to tie a room together and be that special piece that will leave your visitors wondering where you picked it up from! 

Check out Maysville Furniture Showcase's whole selection of furniture and accessories by visiting our website here!   

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Creating an Outdoor Living Space

Everyone wants to increase their living space at their home and one of the ways you can do that is through creating an outdoor living space. Some outdoor living spaces can be as simple as a table and chairs with a firepit, others are very extravagant and full of sculptures and the like. However, we will just discuss the basics of starting that perfect living space outside of your home.

- Establish Walkways: This may not be as exciting as picking furniture and other decorations but establishing walkways and defining the area in which the living space resides is a particularly important step. You can use hardscaping, plants or even furniture to outline the traffic patterns in   your space.
Maysville Outdoor Furniture

 - Selecting Furniture: Deciding the theme and type of furniture to be used in your living space is tough but including a variety of types of furniture and seating types can make the space visually appealing, while also providing seating for many guests. Look into our outdoor seating here!
Making a Private Space: Many people want their outdoor living space to be more private than most other spaces on their property. This can be achieved by using plants, such as tree or vines, to block off sections around your space to provide a private vista in your backyard.

Obviously, there are a lot of different ways to go about creating your perfect outdoor space and much of it is up to personal preference of who is creating the living area. For example, some people may want to have a more modern looking outdoor space, while others may want to stick with a traditional look, which as we said before is really based on personal preference. If you are looking for furniture or accessories for your own outdoor space check out Maysville Furniture Showcase right here!

Friday, May 1, 2020

Choosing the Right Coffee Table

Sitting on the couch and enjoying a great book is some people’s idea of a Saturday afternoon well-spent. To create the right atmosphere that is perfectly comfortable, it is important to choose the right coffee table to suit your living room and the way you plan to use your coffee table. For example, you might like to use the coffee table for yourself. You might enjoy sitting with family and sipping a cup of coffee. You might wish to host a small party and have your guests gather around the coffee table. So, the coffee table you select really depends on the room setup and how you plan to use it.

Amish furniture
Find the perfect coffee table to suit your needs and style preferences at Maysville Furniture Showcase.

Here are some general rules to live by: Coffee tables should not be longer than two-thirds the length of your couch. You, of course, want appropriate leg room between the couch and coffee table. So, make sure to allow for one and a half feet between the coffee table and your couch or other seating. If you are working with a smaller space, then we recommend oval or rectangular coffee tables. These styles are also great for situations where you might have two identical couches facing each other. If you have a sectional couch or plan to host many people around your coffee table, you should opt for a square or round style.

You also need to decide what style you want your coffee table to be. Do you want the entire coffee table to be one, solid wood? Would you prefer the body of the table to be one type of wood while the drawers are another? Maybe you’d like the legs to be a different color or another material entirely. Maysville Furniture Showcase has coffee tables with decorated, wooden, and metal legs.

When you are ready to pick out that new coffee table, check out the gorgeous, expansive collection available at Maysville Furniture Showcase in Apple Creek, Ohio. From light to dark wood finishes and everything in between, we are sure to have the perfect coffee table for you. Visit us online at or give us a call at

Thursday, April 2, 2020

Best Wood Species for Furniture

Maysville Furniture Showcase is pleased to provide the very best in handcrafted, Amish furniture. We offer kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and outdoor furniture. You can order custom pieces, and you can even decide which species of wood you prefer. In this blog, we are going to discuss the different wood species that are popular in furniture.

Amish handcrafted furniture
Choose your wood species, hardware, and more when you order furniture from Maysville Furniture Showcase!

Cherry. Cherry wood is possible the most popular in furniture making. Cherry has a rich, beautiful color, making it the perfect choice for nearly any piece of furniture. Manufacturers appreciate the flexibility of cherry wood. Another great feature is its smooth grain!

Walnut. We love walnut furniture! This species of wood offers a straight-grained hardwood look and a wide range of color. You can choose a lighter more yellow color or a dark chocolate brown. It’s all up to you! Typically, walnut is used for headboards, antique-style dining tables, and mantels.

Oak. People tend to appreciate oak because of its unique look. It’s very grainy, and you can choose from red or white oak. The red variety ranges from brown to pinkish red and has a swirling, water-like pattern. Meanwhile, the white variety has a tiger-stripe grain with yellow rays and flecks.

Maple. If you’re looking a wood species that will be durable and can handle heavy-duty use, maple is for you. It’s perfect for a dresser or chest as maple is the hardest type of wood around. You are also sure to love its creamy white hardwood that can occasionally reveal a reddish color.

Pine. For those of you who love lightweight, trendy, rustic furniture pieces, you’ll want to choose pine. This wood is perfect for farmhouse-style tables and can be identified by its yellowish, whiteish color and brown knots.

So, when you’re in the market for a new piece of gorgeous, handcrafted furniture, be sure to choose Maysville Furniture Showcase in beautiful Apple Creek, Ohio. Check out our fabulous selection of kitchen, living room, dining room, bedroom, office, and outdoor furniture online at You can choose your wood species, hardware, and more!

Thursday, March 5, 2020

Benefits of Amish-Made Furniture

When shopping for new furniture for your home, there are a few things to consider. You want to know that the furniture will last. You want to have a say in how it looks. For example, maybe you really like that dresser, but you wish it could be a dark espresso brown instead of a light tan color. You also want to know that your furniture will fit in the space you’re imagining. All these things must be taken into consideration. When doing so, you will realize that Amish-made furniture is the best choice! Let’s talk about why that is.

Amish-made furniture
Find gorgeous, Amish-made furniture that will last at Maysville Furniture Showcase!

Benefits of Choosing Amish-Made Furniture: 

Amish-made furniture is handcrafted and built to last. You don’t have to worry about your new dining room table and chairs falling apart after a few short years. When you choose Amish-made furniture, you are investing in something that you can pass along through future generations. How wonderful to be able to keep a favorite coffee table or wine cabinet and give it to your children who can later give it to their children.

In addition to durability, Amish-made furniture is incredibly customizable. Because most Amish furniture, especially the pieces you’ll find at Maysville Furniture Showcase, are custom-made, finding exactly what you want is easy. You can choose the type of wood, size, style, and hardware. Each product is handmade and can be customized by each customer. With so many styles, finishes, and manufacturers, you are sure to find the right furniture to complete your dream home.

Visit Maysville Furniture Showcase online at or in-store at 10429 Harrison Rd. Apple Creek, Ohio 44606. We’re here to help you find the perfect furniture to suit your style. We base our company on the values of high quality and only the best customer service. If while shopping our fabulous selection, you don’t see the exact piece you need, don’t hesitate to ask us. We are more than happy to create it for you! Then, you’ll have a gorgeous, hand-crafted, one-of-a-kind piece of Amish furniture.

Friday, February 14, 2020

Why You Should Update Your Office Furniture

Updating the furniture in your office can sound like a hassle. You might be thinking, “What’s wrong with the furniture I have now?” We completely understand. In this blog, we’ll be discussing why you should update your office furniture and the great benefits it can bring. Of course, we recommend that you check out the handmade furniture at Maysville Furniture Showcase! We can assure that all our manufacturers are expert craftsmen. We only select local Amish companies that we know and trust because we seek quality first.

So let’s get started and discuss why you should update your office furniture:

Improves the overall look. It’s no secret that updating your office furniture improves the look of the entire work space. Adding new desks, chairs, tables, couches, lamps, etc. can make a huge difference! Think about it this way: updating your furniture helps create the first impression you want. When clients visit the office, you want them to be impressed and pleased with your office. Well, updating the furniture is one way to make that happen.

office furniture
Updating your office furniture is a great way to make your work space feel brand-new! 

Heightens morale. Employees will appreciate that you cared enough to invest in new furniture, especially if it’s the desks and chairs they use daily. When morale gets a boost, so does productivity. So, while buying new office furniture is an investment, it pays off in the long run.

Makes for an easy update. Updating your office furniture is a rather simple update, especially when compared with renovating the work space. Purchasing new furniture for your office can really create a different atmosphere and make you feel like it’s a whole new place.

Check out the incredible selection of office furniture that we have at Maysville Furniture Showcase in Apple Creek, Ohio. It’s our goal to supply our customers with some of the best made products on the market that will last for years. Choose from our selection of hardware, stains, finishes, and more! We have everything from desks and chairs to bookshelves and filing cabinets. Visit us at 10429 Harrison Rd., Apple Creek, Ohio 44606. We are open Monday through Saturday from 9am to 5pm. We’d be happy to help you select gorgeous new furniture for your office!

Friday, January 17, 2020

Why Choose Maysville Furniture Showcase

About Maysville Furniture Showcase

At Maysville Furniture Showcase, we feel that you should have the right to choose the wood species, finish, and style of your hardwood, Amish-made furniture. We’re proud to represent a different kind of furniture shopping experience in Ohio’s Amish Country! For three years and counting, we’ve been crafting custom furniture in Apple Creek, Ohio. Our company is passionate about providing customers with high quality furniture and impeccable customer service.

handcrafted Amish furniture
We offer custom, handcrafted, Amish-made bedroom furniture! 

Our showcase room hosts more than 50 local manufacturers. This allows us to present you with a wide variety of choices to help you find what you love and what matches the theme of your home or business. You can be sure that each product from Maysville Furniture Showcase is handmade and customizable. We specialize in bedroom and dining room furniture, but we are also pleased to offer everything from outdoor poly furniture to coffee tables, hutches, and upholstered furniture.

Why Our Furniture?

When selecting new furniture, you want to make sure that you’re investing in something that will last. Choose Maysville Furniture Showcase and you will not be sorry! Our furniture is built to stand the test of time. The styles are versatile and timeless. The type of furniture pieces you find at our showcase are meant to be passed on from generation to generation. The bed frame or dresser you purchase today might be your grandchild’s in about 50 years.

In addition to being timeless and durable, as we previously mentioned, our furniture is completely customizable. No matter your taste, we can create furniture that you and your family will love for years to come!

Complete bedroom collections
Complete bedroom collections are available!

We can also offer complete bedroom collections. We will create a bed frame, dresser, mirror, nightstand, armoire, and blanket chest that are identical. This includes the same wood species, finish, and hardwood style. To begin the process of selecting new furniture for your home or business, contact Maysville Furniture Showcase at 330-600-4819 or visit us online at